What makes Five Pawns’ Production the Standard for E-Juice Processes?

The Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid of California stands out above the rest. Their new facilities, which can be virtually toured on their website, features an isoheight production line. The state of the art clean room holds only finest quality ingredients. These ingredients are either made in house or manufactured specifically for the company. Promoting local businesses, they utilize the ingredients that are local to them. In addition they only secure pharmaceutical grade nicotine, PG and VG to use in their e-juices.

The products are mixed in an area that is particulate free while utilizing negative air flow technology and hepa filtration. Five Pawns were the first to use the gravity metric pouring system. Their pouring system is monitored through blue tooth to record all batch data. This ensures consistent quality in each batch with reliable data. Five Paws has maintained their mission to hand craft small batches of products despite the new high technological environment. The blending happens in an orbital inverted mixing system which ensures the products are the exact flavor profile expected by customers. The steeping process, their super-secret special process, concretes its final flavor profile by spending 3 weeks curing in treated oak barrels. The oak flavor is in the finished product of every e-juice-profile.
The stainless steel bottle trays hold medically sealed bottles that are then hand “pinch filled,” filling 5 bottles at a time. Five Pawns bottles are then topped with child resistant caps and tamper evident band seals. The bottles are all traced by lot number, bottle numbers, manufacture dates, and milligram strengths. This secures professional quality control. The dust free, dirt free environment creates the perfect manufacturing atmosphere. This is just part of what sets the Five Pawns Vapor Line above the rest.

The fact that e-juices are not currently monitored by the FDA or any other standard of ingredients is scary for purchasers. Five Pawns offers complete transparency into their manufacturing process, putting consumer minds at ease. They have created the standard methods for which all other e-juices should be held to. Five Pawns loves their customers, products and methods to such a degree that they personally invest in research that studies the short and long term effects of e-liquid on lung tissue. They test for shelf life, inhalation heat studies, and even produced a line of e-juices free of propylene glycol for users sensitive to the chemical. The customer is always the main priority for Five Pawns.