WAN’s Sending Information Across the Globe

Every day people are using a wide area network without knowing it. Most people don’t even know what a wide area network is. All this is about to change. A wide area network is known as a WAN. Society today as we know it could not function without WAN. Wide area networks are used by business, entities inside the government, and the educational system. The internet can be considered a WAN.

WAN networks can reach across the globe. They are used to transmit data across very long distances. There is no physical connection with WAN. In the educational system WAN technology can be used to connect different LANs (local area network) on campus. This would create a higher bandwidth and provide better function for campus network users.

In general terms wide area network can connect to a local area network (LAN). A local area network is a group of computers or devices that share a common communication line such as wireless, which are linked to a server. LAN can be pictured by looking at 5 computers connected to one main server.

WAN is a very important technology for telecommunication networks, and they are often used with a leased line. A leased line provides a private line between locations, in exchange for monthly rent. It creates a private circuit. There is no telephone number from either side with a permanent connection. The leased lines can be used with telephones, internet connections, and other data services such as Television Entertainment. None of this would be possible without WAN.

WAN and User Access

WAN gives any user access to services such as internet, along with cloud services. WAN connections can be wireless. This includes cellular data networks, and public Wi-Fi. Satellite networks are also included as part of a wide area network technology.

Security is very important when accessing the internet. Some parts of WAN use a VPN which is a virtual private network. A VPN protects any communications between sites. This is very important because data is being transferred at light speed across the internet. There is still a security threat because internet connections can be very unpredictable when WAN is connected to a VPN link vs. a WAN connected to a dedicated WAN link.

WAN can connect to branch routers. Branch routers are a device that is connected to office venders. The venders provide access to networks. There are more than 1.6 million branch offices in the United States that provide branch networking. Branch networks help update WAN operations. A Branch network supplier such as Cisco offers many options of devices such as routers, switches, and security products. These products provide access points to networks.